Sam Clapp's CLEAT Quick Start Guide (video) - Behold! It is here, on this page. Just scroll down a little to watch it. It should answer many questions (though it may raise others).

CLEAT Operation Manual - A quick but comprehensive set of instructions for connecting to and using the CLEAT system. Contains much of the video's information in a written form.

Here be the MOTU 16A interface drivers download page.
(You are looking for the latest "MOTU Pro Audio Installer" that matches your computer type and OS version.)

Sample Max Patches - some starter code in Max for working with the CLEAT speaker system, updated May 21, 2022. Contains a pink noise channel tester patch, plus three patches demonstrating 2d-panning techniques.*

Sample 16-channel Panner in Reaper - Anthony Janas created a 16-channel panner for the CLEAT system in Reaper using only standard Reaper Plugins. You can see him talk about it and give a demonstration as part of his Making Multichannel Music talk on May 1, 2024 -- see it here.

*Have some other great starter code in Max (or ChucK? Or SuperCollider?) -- if you're in a sharing mood, send it along to us and we'll make it available to the world here.