Sam Clapp's CLEAT Quick Start Guide (video) - Behold! It is here, on this page. Just scroll down a little to watch it. It should answer many questions (though it may raise others).

CLEAT Operation Manual - A quick but comprehensive set of instructions for connecting to and using the CLEAT system. Contains much of the video's information in a written form.

Sample Max Patches - some starter code in Max for working with the CLEAT speaker system, updated May 21, 2022. Contains a pink noise channel tester patch, plus three patches demonstrating 2d-panning techniques.*

Here be the MOTU 16A interface drivers download page.
(You are looking for the latest "MOTU Pro Audio Installer" that matches your computer type and OS version.)

*Have some other great starter code in Max (or ChucK? Or SuperCollider?) -- if you're in a sharing mood, send it along to us and we'll make it available to the world here.